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Middle Of The Road Americans



Our Mission: To provide America with a moderate (MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD) political perspective

Everyone is encouraged to read "Simplistic Solutions" To read "Simplistic Solutions" Click Here

Notice: People reviewing this MOTRA site should know that it's basic content has not been updated for several years and as such is VERY out dated and badly in need of revisoin. I plan to make such revision over ensuing months. In the mean time, I encourage all to become familiar with the 'No Labels" Movement discussed below.

This MOTRA web site was originally developed by the author as a tool in an attempt to start up a grassroots forum that would be available for the exchange of ideas on the Interet and to possibly meet occasionally to discuss important political issues of the day. It was intended that these exchanges and meetings would from people across the political spectrum including conservatives. independents and liberals.

To provide a baseline, a proposed "strawman" Project Master Plan has been drafted and can be found by clicking on the "Issues" link on the top of this page. This draft plan identifies recommended goals, available resources to achieve those goals and shows constraints that must be over come in the process. Specific "Problems" are identified with proposed "Solutions." It is intended to use this proposed Project Master Plan as a starting point. Eventually input will be solicited from all points of the political spectrum with the hope of coming up with a broadly accepted "Middle Of The Road" compromise position.

It should be noted that this original draft master plan was drafted by the author who is an admittingly progressive liberal, but you've got to start somewhere.

Note from the author:

There has been much discussion of recent grassroots political movements such as the Tea Party and the Coffee Party. Many have been critical of the Tea Party movement as being largely Right Wing Idealogs. Others have criticized the Coffee Party movement as being largely Left Wing Elitists. I reject both notions. These populist movements both express their dissatisfaction with federal government and they both want to initiate bottom up political pressure to "fix" our problems. Both movements are made up of large numbers of ordinary citizens that are justifiably angry with their government There are surely some "wingnuts" associated with both groups but that can be said for all significant political movements. Both groups have stated that their path to making changes is through the ballot box. That strikes me as a reasonable goal. I welcome the Tea Party and the Coffee Party as they aspire to get people from the grassroots to actively participate in our democratic process! However, I feel a movement specifically intended to encourage compromise between the left and right in better suited for today's polarized political atmosphere. Middle of the Road Americans is intended to be such a movement.

Resently a new national movement has been created that reflects some of the same goals as MOTRA. This movement is called "No Labels." Their opening statement says; "We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America." For more information about the Tea Party, Coffee Party, and No Labels - Click below

Official Home of the American Tea Party Movement

Official Home of The Coffee Party USA

Official Home of No Labels

Anyone that may be interested in helping to organize MOTRA can email me at dckwlz@gmail.com